Songwriter's Journal


Six New Word Association Exercises Every Week

These word association exercises can help you create a song title, an opening line or a hook for your next song.

They are a form free thinking and sometimes take you places you would never have thought about in the first place.

In fact, one great thing to do with these exercises is to fill them in more than once and to think outside of the box. Don't alays take the first word that comes to mind.

For example, the phrase "As Easy As ________" might immediately bring the word "pie" to mind. Now while that might work for a new song, another word might create something unique and special. How about "As Easy As Falling Down" or "As Easy As Falling Out Of Love" or "As Easy As One Plus One"?



Here are a few examples of the over 300 word association exercises included in The Songwriter's Journal:

Lost In __________

__________ Like A Dream

Shocked By The __________

Last Bus To __________

__________ Windows

Dancing Like A __________