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Things Every Songwriter Should Have In Their Songwriting Toolkit

In today's tehnological world, songwriters have more information and tools at their fingertips than ever before.

Whether it's a solid book on the art of songwriting (and there are plenty of them) to a computer program that helps them discover just the right rhyme, these are tools every songwriter could use.

Our overviews contain 52 "tools" that every songwriter should consider.




Here is an example of just one of the "tools" every songwriter should have in their toolkit. The Songwriter's Journal includes overviews of 52 of these tools:

Studio Aid

Studio Aid is an online recording studio offering custom guitar tracks, drum tracks and bass backing tracks at affordable rates. They offer professional quality musicianship at a fraction of the price of a walk-in studio. Completed session work is provided via download in the form of digital audio files or on CD. At only $34 per session track, there might not be a better way to make your demos sound better.