Songwriter's Journal


Songwriting Exercises For Every Week of the Year

It's amazing what a simple songwriting exercise can do to not only improve your sgonwriting, but simply get the creative juices going.

The Songwriter's Journal includes 52 songwriting exercises to keep you busy and creative every week of the year.



Here is just one example of the 52 songwriting exercises included in The Songwriter's Journal:

Go over to your bookshelf (you do own a book or two, donít you?) and choose a book at random. (It doesnít matter whether itís fiction or nonfiction.)

Flip the book open to any page and point your finger at a line in the middle of the page. Your assignment is to write a song about that line.

The subject matter isnít important.

If you pointed to a sentence about garden insects and how to get rid of them, donít let that stop you. "The Night the Yellow Woollybears Ate My Pet Petunia" is just waiting to be written.