Songwriter's Journal


Over 250 Original Song Titles

The cool thing about song titles is they cannot be copyrighted. Now while this means you could certainly go out and write  songs titled "Purple People Eater", "Hotel California", "Good Vibrations", "Sexy Back", "Jesus Take The Wheel" or "Money Maker", it probably wouldn't be a great idea.

What it does mean is that all of the original song titles included in The Songwriter's Journal are free of copyright and can be used to jump start your next song whether you use them as song titles, hooks or first lines.

Many a song has started simply with a title. They are just as important as your chook and, in fact, many times become your hook

Feel free to use the song titles provided in The Songwriter's Journal, but make it a point to begin jotting down your own song title ideas as well.



Here are a few examples of the 260 original song titles included in The Songwriter's Journal:

Still Amazed By Your Love

I Like You Better In An Alternate Reality

Whistling In The Graveyard

Dogs Just Barking At The Man In The Moon

Stories I've Never Told

And here are a few examples of the 1001 original song titles which were included in another Stony Meadow Publishing book, Inspiration For Songwriters:

She Thinks She Walks On Water

Love Is Just An Alibi For Crying In Your Sleep

Caught In The Crossfire Again

I Got Two Left Feet But I Still Feel Like Dancing

Smiles In My Pocket

And. as an added bonus simply because you visited our web site, here are a few more examples of original song titles which have never been included in any other publication:

Riding On A White Horse

Freelance Hero

The Union Of Me And You

Legends In The Dust

A Thousand To One You'll Be Mine

The Gods Must Smile Once In Awhile

A Century Ago I Felt Fine

Television Blues In Black And White

Wooden Horses

We've Been Strangers For A Long, Long Time

Lookin' For An Old Fashioned You