Songwriter's Journal


Unique Ideas to Inspire An Idea For Your Next Song

Sometimes just getting the "seed" for your next song is toughest.

Maybe you've got a great first line or a title. Maybe you've been humming a great little meoldy for the past three days.

But that doesn't mean the idea or concept for a solid song has arrived yet.

Use the weekly ideas for songs included in The Songwriter's Journal to accomplish that stage of the songwriting process.



Here is an example of just one of the "ideas to write a song about" that are included in The Songwriter's Journal:

Think back about a time you got together with your family. Maybe it was a family reunion or a holiday get-together. Try and remember who was there and what made the day memorable. Crazy cousin Al? Great Grandmother Minerva? The turkey that was cooked too long? There are probably several song ideas in just that one day.