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Take a Look at the 52 Greatest Songs of All Time

A few years ago, Rolling Stone Magazine compiled a list of the 500 Great Songs of All Time. It is an interesting list to say the least. And although we don't agree with all of their choices, their is no doubt most of the songs on the list are great songs written by solid songwriters.

We have included the top 52 songs from that list in The Songwriter's Journal. Included are song title, position on the list, original performers, the date it was released and names of the songwriters.

We also included a few lines from the song and some facts about the song that most people are unaware of.




Here is an example of one of the songs included on Rolling Stone magazine's list that you will find in The Songwriter's Journal:

Song #13 on Rolling Stone Magazine's list


YESTERDAY (The Beatles) 1965


(Songwriters: Lennon/McCartney)

A FEW LINES: “Yesterday. / All my troubles seemed so far away. / Now it feels as though they're here to stay. / Oh I believe in yesterday.”

DID YOU KNOW... The working title to this hit was Scrambled Eggs. It was the first Beatles’ tune to feature only one band member (Paul McCartney) and was actually vetoed by the other three members of the group for release in the U.K. as a single for that reason. (It was finally released there in 1976.)