Songwriter's Journal


Over 150 Cliches and Expressions You Can Use As Song Titles, First Lines and Hooks

Even though there have been some great songs written using cliches and expressions you should probably stay away from them in song titles unless you have a killer idea or the song simply demands it. They've either been used or will be used at some point.

However, they are great for first lines to songs as they set the stage for everything to come and many times can simply get you rolling. Whether you leave them or not depends on the "finished" song itself.

They can also serve as great hooks although many times hooks become song titles.

So don't dismiss them altogether, but be aware. Also try to think outside of the box and change up an old cliche into something new and unexpected.




Here are a few examples of some of the cliches and everyday expressions you will find in The Songwriter's Journal:

Colder than a Klondike Bar

The devil you know is better than the devil you don't

Like death warmed over

The book contains over 150 cliches and expressions and were narrowed down from thousands to those that seemed to have songwriting potential.

You can also take out your handy book of cliches or simply search the internet. You'll find thousands although many of them don't have great potential for song.