Songwriter's Journal


Chord Progressions  and Note Sequences to Spark That Next Song For Every Week of the Year

Some songwriters begin with song lyrics while others start tinkering with a chord progression or melody,

Regardless of which method you prefer, playing around with a chord progression or a sequence of musical notes result in some type of song idea in one form or another.

With new chord progressions and note sequences provided for every week of the year, you'll always have a new tune tumbling around in the back of your head.



Here are a couple of examples of chord progressions included in The Songwriter's Journal. Vary the tempo and the length of time you spend on each chord in the progression for different sounds and possibilities:

C-Am-C-G (I-iv-I-V)

C-G-Fm-C (I-V-iv-I)

And a couple of bonus chord progressions:


Em-A7-F-B7 (i-IV7-II-V7)

And a couple of examples of note sequences. Vary the tempo of the note sequence and the time you spend on each note. Make some half notes, some quarter notes, etc. Just one sequence of notes will provide several different possibilities for your next melody: