Introducing: The Songwriter's Journal

Whether you are new to songwriting or have written hundreds of songs, “The Songwriter’s Journal” should be within arm’s reach whenever the mood to write a new tune strikes. It is packed with the fuel you need to ignite the imagination and provides you with more ideas than you could ever hope to write about.

With hundreds of entries designed specifically to spark the muse within, the book should reside on every songwriter’s bookshelf or desk.

It includes songwriting exercises, chord progressions for new songs, word association exercises, ideas to write new songs about, note sequences for new songs, power words to include in your lyrics, items that belong in every songwriter’s toolkit and much more.

The Songwriter's Journal: An Overview

Weekly Journal Pages for Entire Year


Blank Journal Sections for Song Ideas and Lyrics


Musical Staff Sections for Note Entry


Blank Guitar Tab Diagrams for Guitarists


Songwriting Excercises for Every Week of the Year


Over 250 Original Song Titles


Different Chord Progression Examples for Each Week


6 Word Association Exercises for Each Week


Overviews of 52 Hall of Fame Songwriters


An Inspirational Quote Every Week to Spark the Muse


Unique Weekly Ideas to Inspire Your Next Song


Note Sequences Each Week to Inspire New Melodies


Over 250 Power Words That Will Strengthen Lyrics


Take a Look at the 52 Greatest Songs of All-Time


Things Every Songwriter Should Have in Their Toolkit


Quotes from Famous Songwriters to Light That Fire


156 Cliches and Expressions to Use As Titles or Hooks



What They Are Saying About Stan's Songwriting Books:

I hadn't flipped through more than a few pages, just reading random bits and pieces, before I had more ideas for new songs than I could shake a stick at. –Ed T. (New Mexico)

Wow, what a great idea for a book. You don't just read it once and put it away, you go back to it again and again whenever you need some new ideas or a jump-start. – Calvin B. (Colorado)

“This book is packed with innovative jet fuel that will set your mind soaring into the creative stratosphere. – Bob L. (Florida)

In reviewing songwriting books, it is important to ask the question: "Will this one help someone become a better songwriter?" In this case, it should make anyone a more prolific songwriter, which will provide the opportunity for improvement. It should help tickle a sleeping muse awake, and that can't hurt. -- The Muse's Muse

I just wrote my first week's song, and I'm having a hard time keeping myself from reading ahead to next week. In fact, if I didn't have other things to do, I could just cuddle up with this book for the winter and write one song after another. -- Susan Lick (South Beach)

"The Songwriter's Journal" is an invaluable tool and very strongly recommended for the novice songwriter, and has a great deal of utility and value for even the more experienced composer. -- Midwest Book Review


Order "The Songwriter's Journal" from Amazon

Order "Inspiration for Songwriters" from Stony Meadow Publishing

At your local book store ask for:

"The Songwriter's Journal" by Stan Swanson (ISBN: 0-9787925-1-3)

Inspiration for Songwriters

Inspiration for Songwriters: Tips and Tricks to Unlocking the Muse"Inspiration for Songwriters: Tips and Tricks to Unlocking the Muse" was the first title available in the Stony Meadow Publishing songwriting series.

"Inspiration for Songwriters: Tips and Tricks to Unlocking the Muse" is not your typical book about songwriting. It does not explain how to write, publish, pitch, promote or record your next song. There are already dozens of other songwriting books covering those subjects. What "Inspiration For Songwriters" provides is something few other songwriting books offer. And in our humble opinion, it does it much better than the few similar titles we could find. It provides thousands of inspirational ideas that could very well be the seeds to your next song! All in all, "Inspiration for Songwriters" includes over 2000 titles, tips, tricks and other ideas that will inspire you to create song after song.


Order "Inspiration for Songwriters" from Amazon

Order "Inspiration for Songwriters" from Stony Meadow Publishing

At your local book store ask for:

"Inspiration for Songwriters" by Stan Swanson (ISBN: 0-9787925-0-5)

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Other books in the works...

Keep an eye out for these upcoming book titles from Stony Meadow Publishing for songwriters, musicians, poets and authors. Projected titles include:

1001 Song Ideas: The Songwriter's Ultimate Companion

• The Poet's Journal

• The Combined e-book version of Inspiration for Songwriters and The Songwriter's Journal!

We expect to have most of these titles available by 2012. Visit us often for updates on these titles as well new books.

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